newenglandThink it’s time to put your RV up for winter? Not yet. There are many RV parks that remain open during the fall months for great RV vacations. October is the perfect month to see the beauty of the dramatic fall colors in wooded areas while enjoying some of the cooler temperatures. Many places have their annual autumn festivals this time of the year as well. Below are 3 of the best places to visit this fall!

Great Smoky Mountains

  • The Great Smoky Mountains has vivid autumn colors during the fall months. The park itself offers several RV campgrounds. Travelers can go bike riding, hiking and just enjoy the fresh outdoors.

White Mountains, NH

New England

  • New England is a great place to visit during the fall. Does anything taste better than a crisp, snappy apple when you’ve been out hiking in the cool autumn air? Autumn is synonymous with apple harvest time in New England.  Stay at the state park or look into the many options at the various orchards.

If you are planning on a Fall RV Vacation and don’t currently own an RV, you can take a look at some great Used RVs before you start planning your Fall trip.

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