You have heard the term staycation used a lot more over the last few years due to the rise of gas prices and the higher cost of traveling. Now more than ever people are deciding to stay closer to home to save money so they can continue camping, RVing, and doing the outdoor activities they love at a cheaper price.

There is nothing wrong with camping locally, you don’t have to leave your state or even your own city to relax and enjoy time away from your normal day to day life. I bet there are many of you that are avid campers that have yet to camp at all the campgrounds in your state. Driving down a main state highway you always see signs for campgrounds, have you stayed at every campground you have ever past, most likely not. Sometimes you will find some of the best campgrounds less than a few hours from your home.

Even though you stay close to home, you won’t feel like you are. You will be able to relax and feel like you are miles from home when you are sitting around enjoying the campfire. Another plus to staying closer to home means that you can stay longer. If you spend a day traveling some where that is one less day you have to relax around the campsite.

Visit your state government website, to view a full list of campgrounds in your state. Take a look you will be surprised at what you find.

Activities: Camping, RVing, Hiking, Canoeing, Site Seeing, Beaches, Fishing, Bike Trails, and More.

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